SEO-Rx Settings

  Getting Started · 1 min read

Now that you have the SEO-Rx stack in place, let’s get it set up to work the way you want. The settings for SEO-Rx are found in the Info Pane. To access the Info Pane, click the Info button in the upper-right of the Edit view.


Display Instructions

Enabled  SEO-Rx instructions will be displayed in Stacks edit mode.
Disabled Instructions will not be displayed, and the SEO-Rx stack will appear collapsed.
Default Enabled


Ignore Hidden Images

Enabled  Hidden images will not be analyzed or included in the report.
Disabled Hidden images will be analyzed and included in the report.
Default Enabled


Hide Report

Enabled  The SEO-Rx Page Report will be hidden in Preview mode.
Disabled The SEO-Rx Page Report will be visible in Preview mode.
Default Enabled


Stop Words List

Choose the language for the Stop Words list, which is displayed in edit mode when Instructions are visible.


Page Size

The number of entries displayed in the Page Report table.


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