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How do you look in a SERP? Besides being fun to say, the SERP (search engine results page) is where your site gets either found or buried. It's important for you to know what your search listing looks like -- it's the first thing users will see.

SEO-Rx displays an approximate preview of how your page listing will appear in Google search results. This lets you check before you publish, and correct or modify the source information in RapidWeaver.

Here is an example of the Search Results Preview in SEO-Rx:

Search Results Preview

What does SEO-Rx check?

SEO-Rx generates the preview based on your page title, URL, and page description -- the same information search engines look for.

Preview elements

If the information in your Search Results Preview doesn't look right, or if something's missing, you can correct it easily in RapidWeaver. Here's where you'll find each of the three elements.

Page Title

The page title displayed in search results comes from the Browser Title defined in RapidWeaver. This field is located in the General tab of the Page Inspector.

Search Results Title

Learn more about creating SEO-friendly Page Titles here (LINK TO HELP PAGE).


The URL displayed in search results is the path to this specific page. It's determined by:

  • Your base domain
  • A folder (or folder path) if specified in RapidWeaver
  • The page's filename in RapidWeaver

These fields are located in the General tab of the Page Inspector.

Folder and Filenames

Using the example above, here's how those elements become the URL:

URL components

(Remember that page filenames index.html, index.htm, or index.php won't be displayed when Tidy Website Links is activated in RapidWeaver's Advanced Settings.)

Learn more about creating SEO-friendly URLs here (LINK TO HELP PAGE).


The page description displayed in search results comes from the Description field in the Meta Tags tab of the Page Inspector.

RapidWeaver Description Field and Search Preview

Your description should be clear, concise, and unique. Length is important, because search engines will cut off longer descriptions.

Learn more about creating SEO-friendly Descriptions here (LINK TO HELP PAGE).


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