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How does SEO-Rx help improve my site's SEO?

When you add the SEO-Rx stack to each page, it analyzes that page for primary SEO metrics including:

  • Images with proper ALT attributes and filenames
  • Page titles meeting expected criteria
  • Metadata present and appropriate
  • Page structure that is logical and cohesive
  • Meta tags that help search engines index your site
  • Javascript libraries handled properly by your theme
  • Factors that affect page load speed
  • And more!

SEO-Rx will even show you a simulated preview of how your page will appear in Google search results—so you can see how your SEO affects what people see online.

After a thorough analysis, SEO-Rx will make specific recommendations to improve the SEO of your site.

SEO advice you can trust

SEO-Rx helps ensure that you're following tested and proven SEO guidelines. This includes SEO industry standards and best practices, guidelines from the major search engines, and advice from some of the top experts in the field.

With SEO-Rx, you’ll know that your site is optimized before you publish for the world to find.