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The Image File Name gives search engines a very good first impression of the content of that image. Therefore, it is important to be give all of your images short and descriptive names. It is important to not have generic names such as stacks_page0.png or DSC_001.jpg. SEO Rx will alert you if your image file names match any of the following attributes:

  • Your file name contains stop words. If your file names contain stop words, search engines may not gather significant information about the full content of the image.
  • The file name seems generic. If your file names contain a string of numbers, SEO Rx will warn you. It is okay if you're labelling a series of images, but they should not be generic. For example, trees-in-nature-01.jpg and trees-in-nature-02.jpg is okay but DSC_001.jpg and Screenshot-001.jpg is not.
  • If the file name matches your alt tag. Image files names and Alt Tags should not match. It is a waste of potential SEO.
  • Filenames contain 1 word. Image file names should contain more than 1 word.

In order to set the file name of an image in Stacks, simply double click on the image to enter edit mode. Once in edit mode, you may define the file for the image via the page info inspector. Please note, however, that all images on the same page must have unique file names!


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