What are the system requirements?

SEO Rx is a Stack. Therefore, it requires RapidWeaver and Stacks 3. These products, however, may have additional dependencies of their own.

What is the most important part of SEO?

The absolute most important thing for SEO is Content Freshness. Content Freshness is the process in which you make regular and incremental changes to your site. For instance, this includes regular (and relevant) blog posts.

Do I have to add SEO Rx to all my pages?

Yes. SEO Rx must be added to each and every Stacks page on your site. Don't worry, it can be added anywhere on your page or even hidden using Stack's built in Hide functionality.

Do I add the stacks page to the top or bottom of the page? Does it matter?

You may add SEO Rx to the top or bottom of your page. It does *not* matter.

Where does the evaluation come from? Is it custom or from another source?

The report and recommendations generated by SEO Rx are based on a compilation of some of the best resources around the web. This includes Moz, Search Engine Land, Yoast, and Search Engine Watch. We have also verified these recommendations directly from Google and Bing's best practices guides.

How do I change alt tags for photos?

Image Alt tags can be added directly in Stacks. Simply double click an image to enter Edit mode.

How do I add a Meta description? What is it?

The meta description tag is a piece of hidden HTML placed at the top of your page used primarily for search engines. Search engines use the meta description tag in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) to provide additional context about your page. In order to edit your page's meta description tag in RapidWeaver, simply click on the Page inspector then the 'Edit metatagsbutton. More information about themeta description` tag can be found at Moz.

What does "multiple H1 tags" mean? Can I only have one H1 header on a page?

H1 tags are meant to set the topic of your page. Therefore, it is recommend that you have only 1 on a page. Be warned! There are many RapidWeaver themes will use the H1 tag for the banner on the page. As a result, your page content should logically start with a H2. For more information about Headings, please see this Yoast blog post.

Where can I find more help with managing my SEO?

We highly recommend our friends over at Lukens Consulting. They have provided numerous feedback to the methods used by SEO Rx, are Google Certified, and have over 14 years of SEO experience.

Lukens Consulting is a Search Marketing company based in Connecticut that specializes in Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and Email messaging.

What is SEO-Rx?

SEO-Rx is a Stack, built for Stacks, to help you improve your site's SEO before you ever publish a page. To see how quick and easy SEO-Rx is, please check out our short welcome video below.

Will images loaded via Javascript affect my SEO?

Yes! According to Search Engine Land, images added via Javascript will count towards your SEO. Therefore, it is important to give these images good filenames and alt tags.

Our tests found the same result regardless of content type. For example, images were crawled and indexed when loaded in the DOM.

How much does SEO Rx cost?

SEO Rx is available now from our online store for only $29.95 (USD). This price includes email support and free updates for all 1.x releases.

Can SEO-Rx check all of my non-Stacks pages?

Yes and no. SEO-Rx requires Stacks. Therefore, like all other stacks, it will only run on Stack pages. You can, however, @import a Stacks page into any other page using PlusKit. For instructions on how to use @import, please consult the PlusKit FAQ.


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