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Image Titles and SEO

  Images · 1 min read

Similar to Alt Tags, the title tag is primarily used by search engines for SERPs.

Javascript (js) Errors

  Page Structure · 1 min read

For optimum performance and page load, it is recommended that all of your external javascript (js) files are loaded before the closing </body> tag.

Image File Names

  Images · 2 min read

The Image File Name gives search engines a very good first impression of the content of that image. Therefore, it is important to be give all of your images short and descriptive names.

Images and SEO - Alt Tags

  Images · 2 min read

For a text based Search Bot, images are a break or hole in your pages content. As a result it doesnt know what is in your image and how to fill the hole.

Page Headings

  Page Structure · 1 min read

Page Headings set the structure of your page.

What Are Stop Words in SEO?

  SEO Keyword Analysis · 1 min read

Page Title Errors

  Page Structure · 2 min read

The Page Title is used by search engines as part of their SERP (Search Engine Result Page). This is the text for the link that most users will click on. An example search result for "WeaverPix" shows part of the page title highlighted below.

Welcome to SEO Rx

  Videos · 1 min read

Welcome to SEO Rx

How do I find and fix broken links on my site?

  Content · 1 min read

The best and easiest way to identify broken links on your site is by using Google Webmaster Tools. Using Webmaster Tools, you can view errors found by Google while crawling your site.

What Are Meta Tags and Why Are They Important?

  Meta Tags · 1 min read

A Meta Tag is special HTML code that controls how search engines and browsers respond to your page.

Description Meta Tag

  Meta Tags · 2 min read

The description meta tag is used by search engines to generate the page description users will see in search results.

Viewport Meta Tag

  Meta Tags · 2 min read

The viewport meta tag tells browsers that a site is responsive, and defines how the content should be displayed on mobile devices.

Install SEO-Rx

  Getting Started · 2 min read

How to install the SEO-Rx stack into RapidWeaver.

Page Index Status

  Page Index Status · 2 min read

The Page Indexing Status verifies whether your page can be indexed by search engines and displayed in search results.

What is SEO?

  Overview · 1 min read

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is making your site easier for search engines to index and understand, so they can reward you with better rankings.

What is SEO-Rx?

  Overview · 1 min read

SEO-Rx is a Stack for RapidWeaver that helps you improve your site's SEO before you ever publish a page.

SEO Score

  SEO Score · 2 min read

The SEO Score gives you a general idea of your page’s overall SEO condition.

SEO-Rx Page Report

  SEO-Rx Page Report · 2 min read

The Page Report is where SEO-Rx presents its diagnosis, and prescribes expert advice to improve the SEO of your page.

Search Results Preview

  Search Results Preview · 3 min read

SEO-Rx shows you how your page looks in search results. Here's how to make sure it looks right.

SEO Score: Categories and Values

  SEO Score · 3 min read

If you want the number-crunching details, here are the categories and values that affect the SEO Score. Click to read more.

Add SEO-Rx to your pages

  Getting Started · 1 min read

Let's add SEO-Rx to your Stacks pages!

How does SEO-Rx help my site?

  Overview · 2 min read

Is it science, or magic? We'll never tell. Okay, we'll tell a little bit.

Using SEO-Rx with Partials

  Getting Started · min read

How to use SEO-Rx with the Partials feature of Stacks 4.

How does SEO-Rx compare to RapidWeaver's Health Check

  Overview · 1 min read


SEO-Rx Settings

  Getting Started · 1 min read

Now that you have the SEO-Rx stack in place, let’s get it set up to work the way you want.

SEO-Rx System Requirements

  Overview · 1 min read

SEO-Rx is a Stack for RapidWeaver. It requires RapidWeaver 8, the Stacks 4 plugin, and a website, preferably one that you want to have awesome SEO.


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