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Grid Iron is an add-on for [Stacks]( that helps you turn your old and boring spreadsheets into feature rich, stylish and responsive tables on your site. From wine catalogs and music discographies to corporate directories, Grid Iron easily turns your spreadsheets into feature rich tables.Grid Iron 3 supports files in the following formats: - csv (Comma-Separated Values) - xlsx (Office Open XML) created using Excel 2007 or laterIn 2013, Google made several big enhancements to their spreadsheet product. As a result, the format of the spreadsheet URLs and way that the spreadsheets worked changed. We're proud to say that, yes, Grid Iron supports the [new spreadsheet format](! As of Grid Iron 3, you can populate your table using the contents of a CSV file. Please see our help article on [how to use CSV files](! Grid Iron is mobile responsive. Simply enable the Responsive Table option in the table settings. ![grid-iron-responsive-table-settings]( On smaller screens, Grid Iron will automatically wrap extra columns under the associated row. This allows the user to simply click the (`+`) icon to expand the row and view the remaining data for the row without scrolling. [![gridiron-responsive-row-expansion](](, Grid Iron is **_very_** SEO friendly. Grid Iron will embed your table directly into the HTML source on the page. This allows your table to be completely indexed by search engines!Unfortunately, due to restrictions with the interaction of PHP and RapidWeaver, you **_cannot_** preview your page prior to publishing. Instead, a sample table is provided, which will reflect your styling choices.Grid Iron requires a web host with PHP version 5.5 or later. At the present time, Grid Iron has not been verified to work with PHP 7. [Chillidog Hosting]( clients, you're already good to go!Grid Iron 3 requires [RapidWeaver]( and [Stacks 3]( Each of these products may have their own system requirements. Please consult the appropriate documentation for the respective application.Grid Iron 3 is available now from our [online store]( for $29.95.Installing Grid Iron is quick and easy. As part of your Grid Iron purchase, you will receive a receipt with a special download link. Clicking this link will download a zip file, typically, to your `Downloads` folder with a copy of Grid Iron and 3 example spreadsheets. With RapidWeaver 6 or later installed, simply double click on `grid-iron-3.stack` and RapidWeaver will take care of the rest! [![grid-iron-stack-in-finder](]( spreadsheet on Google Docs has a unique identifier. This allows Google (and us) to identify your spreadsheet from someone else's spreadsheet. The spreadsheet key is simple and easy to obtain from your Spreadsheet URL. For example, if our spreadsheet URL is `` The spreadsheet key is `114-TjOSJb6lrWx5vHt8bnlU8lBVDhGsuiwM43paOiuA`.Similar to the spreadsheet Key, the GID identifies the specific spreadsheet within the workbook. The GID value is easily obtained from the URL. For example, if the spreadsheet url is: `` The GID value is `1574061086`. Since the GID value identifies a spreadsheet within a specific workbook, the spreadsheet key and GID value **_must_** match. If they do not match, you may experience a "Moved Permanently" message on your site.Caching is the process in which data is saved for a small period of time to speed up repeated access to your site. Grid Iron can cache your Google Spreadsheet content to automatically speed up your site. This is highly recommended as downloading data from Google Spreadsheets can be a time consuming task. To enable caching, simply Enable Caching within the Grid Iron Cache Settings. [![gridiron-cache-settings](]( Please note, when caching is enabled, changes to your spreadsheet are not instantly reflected on your site. Changes will not show up until after the specified Cache Time lapses.Grid Iron does not render text styling defined in Excel or Google Spreadsheets. You can, however, still style your Spreadsheet using HTML, CSS or Markdown. Please see our guide on [how to add formatting to your table]( Iron 3 is completely rebuilt from the ground up to deliver better performance, easier styling and more control. ### Excel and CSV Support In addition to Google Spreadsheets, Grid Iron 3 now supports both Excel (xlsx) and CSV files. Simply add a xlsx or csv file as a RapidWeaver resource and link it to Grid Iron. ### New Styling Controls New and improved styling controls make it easy to customization the entire look and feel of your table. ### Column Pinning Columns can now be pinned in place to allow users to compare columns side-by-side. ### Improved Responsiveness The responsive tables have been completely re-built to eliminate scrolling on mobile devices. With Grid Iron 3, you can now view additional data directly underneath the corresponding row. This keeps data together in an easy to ready fashion. ### New Network and Cache system A completely revamped networking and cache system makes your Google Spreadsheet load faster and more reliable than ever before. ### PDF, Print, & CSV buttons With one click, users can now print your table or download a CSV, Excel or PDF file directly to their desktop. Please note, some of these buttons are dependent on the web browser that the visitor uses. ### Global Languages Supporting our international friends shouldn't be a burden. Grid Iron now supports over 50 different languages right out of the box!Yes! Grid Iron 3 supports the Office Open XML (.xlsx) format created using Excel 2007 and later. Please see our help article on [how to use Excel files]( out of the box, Grid Iron supports a wide variety of languages. The current list of languages is maintained below. This message can indicate either of the following: 1. Your Google Spreadsheet Key and GID value do not match. The GID and Key are paired together and must match. Please see our helpful guide on finding your spreadsheet key and GID [here]( 2. The spreadsheet is not published for the web **_and_** made public. Both of these must be done in order for the spreadsheet to appear properly on your site. Please see our helpful guide on publishing your spreadsheet [here]( a previous version of Grid Iron? That's great! Upgrading brings lots of [new features]( and the opportunity to save **33%** off of version 3. Simply purchase Grid Iron 3 [here]( and use the **_same email address_** to buy version 3 that you used to buy version 2. That's it! You will instantly receive an email to download version 3.


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