Getting Started

How to use FormsPlus in a Rapidweaver project

  • Add a Stacks page to Rapidweaver (if you don't have one open already)
  • Drag the FormsPlus stack to your Stacks page
  • Add a Step (Steps are the sections of Elements that the user will complete)
  • Name that Step in the stack settings. Add a subtitle if needed
  • Add Elements to that Step For instructions and selection of Elements go here
  • When you've added all your necessary Steps, then you'll want to set up where the form answers are sent/stored

  • Add a Template

  • Add a Form Submission Template This is the completed form answers that will be sent

  • Add a Form Receipt Template This is the receipt sent to the user confirming receipt of their form
  • Add an Online Record Template This is similar to a Form Submission, however this response will remain on your server (no email necessary)