Form Submission Template

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This allows you to choose which elements are to be sent and the email recipient(s) of that report.

In the Form Submission Template you'll need to add the elements and their names you'd like reported in the input field. For example:

Name: [name]

Email address: [email]

  • Name is the title of the input I want to display and
  • [name]is the Element name that was entered in the Element settings panel.

Add each of the Element's names you wish reported with the ones that you've created in each Element's settings.

In the Form Submission Template settings you'll add the email you wish the form to be sent to. You can add multiple email addresses separated by a comma.

Also in the settings field you'll need to add a Reply To email address (for the recipient of the email in case they want to get back in touch) and enter a Subject for the email sent.

You're also able to choose to have the path to any file downloads displayed for easier retrieval of a user's files. Otherwise, they'll just be listed by name.


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