What's new in 2.0?

Glad you asked! Grab a hot cup of coffee and enjoy all of the hard work put into 2.0: 


  •  Single Step support 
  • hCaptcha support (alternate, privacy focused alternative to reCaptcha) 
  • CSS Spinner on Submit to block the UI while submission is in process 
  • New Uploader for File Uploading 
  • Input confirmation support so user has to enter the same value twice 
  • Flexbox support for more uniform layout across browsers 
  • Dynamically Enable and Disable Inputs based on user defined conditions 
  • Add ability to exclude Emails from Receipts 
  • Preview Step to confirm user input before submission 
  • HTML support in Email subject lines 
  • New Date options to restrict date range inputs 
  • HTML Color Input support 
  • Units for Range slider 
  • Mailgun support for sending email 
  • Optional Crashreporter 
  • Optional SMTP debug log for debugging SMTP 
  • Direct emails to different departments based on user input with Conditional Email Templates 
  • HTML Keyhint support 
  • Background Template Processing for faster form submissions 


  • Only one validation error on an input shows at a time 
  • Mobile datepicker improvements via touchpunch 
  • HAProxy support for hosts using a proxy for SSL 




  •  Fix database exception on multiple database templates 


  •  Updated PHPMailer to v6.x

What are the system requirements?

FormsPlus Requires

How do I add FormsPlus to my page?

Just drop the FormsPlus stack from the Stacks Library into any Stacks page. From there, you can start building your form (Elements) and submission reports (Templates).

Is there a limit to the number of Steps I can add to FormsPlus?

No. Though we don't recommend you go crazy with too many steps. You want to make the form easy to fill, not tedious.

Is there a file upload size limit in FormsPlus?

We've tested it up to 2GB with no server configuration. It may go more!

Is FormsPlus responsive (mobile friendly)?

Absolutely! FormsPlus is designed to look just as beautiful on your touch devices as it does on desktop.

Is there a limit to the number of emailed form submissions I can have?

No. FormsPlus allows you to send your user submissions to multiple email addresses. It also gives you the ability to customize different Form Elements to separate email addresses. For example, you can easily create different Templates to send to sales, marketing, engineering or directly back to the customer.

Can I save a copy of the FormsPlus submissions on my server?

Yes you can! When you setup your Template, choose Online Record and that'll place the submission on your server.

What are Templates?

Templates are the completed forms that are now able to be sent by email (or saved on the server) to the administrator. Multiple Templates can be used to send different sets of responses to different sets of recipients.

How do I select which form answers are sent?

You choose the elements you want and insert them on the Form Submission Template

Does FormsPlus support SMTP for sending mail?

Yes, FormsPlus supports sending mail via PHP mail, SMTP, Mailgun and Postmark.

Does FormsPlus support Captcha?

Yes! FormsPlus supports both Google ReCaptcha and the privacy focused hCaptcha. Pro tip: Did you know, hCaptcha will pay website owners for users who complete their form?

How do I have a simple, single step contact form?

The answer here is simple. FormsPlus will *automatically* make your form a simple single step. Simply add 1 Step. When you add more Steps later, FormsPlus will automatically become a multi-step form.


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