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Form Receipt Template

  Templates · 1 min read

This template will send a receipt to the visitor who filled the online form.

Form Submission Template

  Templates · 1 min read

A pre-defined list of email addresses to notify whenever a form is submitted.

Getting Started

  Getting Started · 2 min read

There are 3 main components in FormsPlus, Steps, Elements and Templates. Using these 3 items, you can build anything from a simple contact form to a powerful sales channel for your business or site.

How To Make Elements Required

  Form Elements · 1 min read

You may wish to require site visitors to complete the form before sending and FormsPlus allows you the ability to set that rule up for you.

Online Record Template

  Templates · 1 min read

The Online Record Template allows you to save the form as a text file on the server.

Template Types

  Templates · 1 min read

Templates tell FormsPlus what to do when a visitor submits the form.

Form Elements

  Form Elements · 1 min read

This is the list of Form Elements that are included. Please see individual help pages for specifics on settings available for each element.


  Getting Started · 2 min read

In FormsPlus, a Step is the logical building block for items in your form.


  Getting Started · 1 min read

FormsPlus is a Contact Form solution for Stacks and RapidWeaver. FormsPlus allows users to easily build everything from simple forms to more complex multi-step forms.

Conditionally Showing and Hiding Elements

  Form Elements · 3 min read

FormsPlus allows you to conditionally show (or hide) Elements to the visitor as they fill out the form.

Database Template

  Templates · 2 min read

A Database Template allows you to save form submissions to a MySQL database.

Form Conditional Submission Template

  Templates · 2 min read

With some simple rules, direct form submissions to direct email addresses.

How to enter user submitted information into Templates

  Templates · 1 min read

If you want visitor entered info to appear in your Templates (e.g., email), then you've come to the right place.

How to require user confirmation of Elements

  Form Elements · 1 min read

Requiring user confirmation is a great way to ensure that visitors enter their information correctly before submitting the form.


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